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The large yachts that have over 65 meters are the more sophisticated ones that stand put among the others. With four decks above water and two below, some have 30 to 50 square meters suites, revolving beds, all equipped with TV, bar, air conditioning, computers, DVDs, satellite communication and beauty salons. Even more, some are likely to incorporate a landing platform for helicopters, cinemas, libraries and dancing rooms. No luxury is restricted even though you are on water.A 70 meters long Luxury yacht can accommodate up to 26-28 guests and 19 extra crew members. The possibilities are limitless and this is shown in the increasing number of luxury yachts that have over 100 metres and allow the owner to carry mini-submarines and every water equipment possible, from jet-skis to sailing boats and speed boats.Popular manufacturers in the yacht industry are Ferretti, Azimut, Bentti, Mangusta, Feadship, Lurssen and many others. Saint Tropez is a location famous for its luxury yachts, considered a very exclusive retreat. Greece, Spain and Croatia – all offer great European spots for luxury yacht cruises.
The main typical parts of a luxury yacht are: the lower deck - with guest cabins, showers, baths, engine room-, the main deck- with dining rooms, a study-, the upper deck – with a salon, bar, gym and captain’s cabin – and the sun deck – with Jacuzzi. In these areas the owner prefers to keep the basic luxury necessities but most often he will pay up to tens of millions of dollars or Euros to build a customized luxury yacht.

Luxury yachts are very expensive, owned by private owners who pay extensively to maintain such a boat in top running order. These vessels are perceived as luxury items of personal pleasure, for racing or cruising.Luxury yachts are commonly called mega yachts (their length vary around 34m or over) or super yachts (their length vary around 70m or over). They have become increasingly trendy representing a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas are swarmed with luxury yachts. Due to their high maintenance, some choose to operate them as businesses charters, charging from 30,000 Euros up to 600,000 Euros per week. Because of this, the luxury yacht industry runs effectively, providing good income to the owners. Moreover, many find it more convenient to charter luxury yachts than own one, which is highly expensive. This way they also have the liberty to pick a different location, boat type or crew each time they charter another luxury yacht

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