5 Ağustos 2008 Salı


The PPG-1 Basic Training will cover the fundamentals of Powered Paragliding. You will learn to inflate the paraglider and balance the kite overhead. We'll cover the terminology, operation and preflight of the motor unit. We will practice the launch sequence on our simulator, and you will experience your first flights in a paraglider. The progress of each student is individual, and advancement towards powered flight and/or certification depends on the student's ability to master the skills necessary.
Paramotoring requires more training than regular paragliding, not less. We know that this may run contrary to what you might have read or heard elsewhere, but consider how adding 50-100 lbs of additional weight might feel when trying to kite, launch, fly and land the same paraglider might feel. The characteristics of all these are significantly more difficult, and a pilot must have a good set of basic skills to operate a paramotor safely.
We want each and every pilot to become confident with their skills, so they can fly for the rest of their lives, not the rest of the week! Your relationship with your instructor will help you make the right decisions, from weather observations to equipment purchases. PPG-1 Basic Training includes the use of our state-of-the-art training equipment.

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